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FreeStyle2 - Street Basketball


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Getting ready to play

1.1 Instal and launch

In order to play the freestyle, you have to sign up to be a member of EuroGamez GmbH. Go to our website and fill up fields. Once you fill out the registration information form, click on confirm to complete this process.

After registration, please download FreeStyle2 client from our download webpage.

* Important
Befoe download, be sure to check minimun and recommended PC system requirements for running FreeStyle2. CHECK
The FreeStyle2 launcher icon will be created on your main screen once the installation is completed.
Click the icon and you can launch FreeStyle2 after the client checks for any updates

1.2 Control & shotcuts

a. Default
b. Option 2
c. Option 3

Creating characters and positions description


2.1 Creating character

In order to play, you need to create your character. Click "Create Character" button on character selection page.
Select a position, then select a character, quality, and voice of the position. After entering character name, click on "create character" button to complete the process.

2.2 Position Description

- Position Introduction
a. Center
The backbone of a team and the heart of Defense!

In basketball, which is a kind of sports where the shot success rate is higher near the rim,
center is a posion with the strongest power to take control of the basket. - Strong points Under-the-basket shot, Tussle, Block, Rebound - weak points slow moving speed, low success rate of long range shot
(The overall performance is likely to get poor far from the basket)
b. Power forward(PF)
The anchor and energizer of a team

With string stamina and outstanding physique, a PF can play various pivotal roles in offense and defense. - Strong points Dunk, Block, Rebound - weak points Low success rate of long range shot. Due to straight forward offense pattern, the influence of this position can be easily diminished when ther is a strong big man on the opposing team.

In this case, rather then engaginig in reckless offense, it is better to help other teammates score by opening up an opportunity for them through screenplay.
c. Small forward(SF)
All-round scoring machine!

- Strong points Mid-range shot, Drive in, penetration - weak points SF is a verstile position but sometimes that could work against the team.
When getting an intense marking, it is better to refrain from reckless offense and try to focus on teamwork plays.
d. Point Guard(PG)
The field commander on the court!

PG, who handles the ball longer than any other positions, can make fantastic team play through speed and accurate passing.
This position is considered as the lead-off man who controls both offense and defense from the forefront. - Strong points Pass, steal, penetration - weak points When PG uses team members to score for himself, it could undermine the teamwork and cause chaos unser-the-rim due to excessive shot attempts.
e. Shooting Guard(SG)
The ace of a team and absolute game=-changer!

- Strong points Three pointer, Layup, Penetration - weak points SG, who can easily get narrowed view of a game due to obsession with scoring, is prone to try reckless penetration and three pointer attempts.

Game User Interface(UI) Description


3.1 Game Lobby

a. Character Information

b. My records
You can check information regarding your character and attributes as well as your records/ranking within the game. Also, Intense training points customizing is available here.
c. Team
You can store or equip items purchased from item shop and also use random balls.
d. Skill
You can purchase skills/skill slots from skill shop and equip or do practice with purchased skills.
e. Card
You can equip or combine cards and see card illustration book.
f. Community
You can create/join a crew or enter crew home
g. Tools
Jukebox(Shortcut J), Back(Shortcut R), Setting(Shortcut O), Help(Shortcut H)
h. Back(Shortcut: ESC)
i. Points/EXP sponsor item
These items can be purchased at the shop and you will receive regular additional points/EXP buff per match if you use them
j. Channel Exchange
K. Chat window
l. Megaphone system
When you purchase and use a megaphone, your message can be shown to all users for a certain amount of time.
m. Create room/Start
n. VIP sponsor
This item can be purchased at the shop and you will get regular additional points+EXP buff and other benefits when you use it.

3.2 Waiting Room

a. User Information
b. Same Team
c. User's connection status
Green : Good , Yellow: Normal, Red: Slow
d. Room Chief Mark
e. Macro chat pharases
f. Locker room
g. Skill shop
h. My skills
i. Cards
k. Invite friends/crew members
l. Start button

3.3 Play Screen

a. Display shortcuts
b. Our team's score
c. Remaining time
d. Opposing team;s score
e. Game setting

Game Modes Description


Regular Mode

Regular modes are compromised of rehular mode and Co-op mode.
This mode is divided into 3 on 3 team match and 1 on 1 individual match.
Also, there are seperate channels for different levels, thus you can select a channel that suits your competence.

Co-op Mode

This mode is compromise of free-for-all match and VS COM mode.
There are no separate channels for different levels in Free-for-all match and you can engage in a match regardless of your level.
In VS COM mode, you can compete with AI teams representing 15 different regions in the world.

Game Rules


1. 24 Seconds Offense Rule

The offensive team must make a shot attempt within 24 seconds of the ball's possesion and it must hit the rim.
Otherwise, it will be deemed as a violation of 24 seconds offense rule and the game will restart from the court center with the opposing team possessing the ball.

2. Double Dribble Rule

When both hands of a player from the offensive team touches the ball after receiving pass, it is deemed as double dribble and the player must pass the ball to a different player.
Otherwise, the character will automatically shoot the ball.

3. Moving outside of three point line in case of turnover

When the defensive team steals the ball or has acquired the ball's possession, they must move outside of three point line first to make offense attempt.

4. Give up the match

During 3 on 3 play, a player can give up the match if the score gap is more than 10 and remaining time is less than 1~2 and a half mins.
In case where more than two players in the same team give up on the match, it shall be over immediately.

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